“Tee is an excellent representation of the quality care offered by Take Care.”

What Our Clients Have to Say

Due to my geographic location, and nature of my profession, I am unable to visit with my father as frequently as I would like. While visiting this past Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting your caregiver who cares for my father, Tee. She offers impeccable care and is unbelievably professional.

She is beyond personable and knows exactly how to handle my father and the challenges that go along with his dementia. Meeting with her and seeing her brought such a sense of relief to my heart and took away any angst that was present. She not only takes a vested interest in my dad, but also offers quality care without hesitation. She is so understanding and so loving.

My father told her the same three jokes at least ten times and each time she entertained his attempts at humor as if it was the first time she had heard it. She was extremely attentive to his physical needs and offered the assistance he needed on a continual basis. She also knows how to handle his verbal demands and is able to get him to cooperate where as we, hisĀ  family members, sometimes struggle. It is reassuring to myself, and to all of our family members, knowing my dad is in such good hands in our absence. My hats off to both she and your agency. She is high quality and an asset to your organization. I want to commend her and bring her the kudos she deserves, and offer credit where credit is due. She is an excellent representation of the quality care offered by Take Care.

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