April 1, 2020: Important Update

Hello –

Though the Governor has implemented a state wide Stay at Home order, Take Care is considered an essential service and is exempted from this order. This means that you are still able to work and provide care to clients should you choose to do so. If the need arises, you may use this post, in addition to always wearing your name badge, as proof that you are working for an essential service. For those of you already using the mobile app, this message will also be available in the mobile app resource center.

We want to assure you that we are here for you to help address any concerns you may have and to continue to provide necessary supplies as needed and/or as they become available.

We are also putting the following protocols in place and ask that you continue to follow all those that have been previously communicated to you in addition to the ones listed below:

  1. We ask that you continue to limit any outings for the client. If the client needs groceries, please make every attempt to order online and schedule the groceries for delivery or for trunk pick up. If you need assistance with this, please call Nursing.
  2. If you need to pick up a prescription, please use the drive thru; or ask Nursing to see if prescription delivery is an option as some pharmacies are offering delivery during this pandemic.

If you are not using the mobile app and are interested in doing so, please call and schedule a training time with Michelle.

Sue, Courtney and Erika truly appreciate your continued commitment to providing care to the clients and thank you for being the amazing caregivers that you are.

Thank you.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Sue contacted and vetted more than 20 care providers for my very important client and quickly weeded out those that were not up to par with the high standards set by Take Care. My client was very appreciative of the referrals shared and was equally impressed with our close community contacts who were willing to help us help our clients. This is yet another example of why so many of us feel comfortable working with and sharing our clients with Sue Wise and her company, Take Care.

John, Client's Trust Officer

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