August 20, 2020: Important COVID Updates

It is hard to believe that COVID-19 has been actively impacting each of our lives for nearly 5 months now, from how we work to how we recreate and interact with those around us.

While we continue to face challenges in our day to day, we know that life is slowly starting to move forward, albeit with multiple accommodations. Schools in Manatee and Sarasota county are beginning to open in mid and late August; theme parks, beaches, and other popular destinations are finding ways to open; testing every two weeks has become the norm to work at facilities; wearing masks in public is steadily becoming a requirement; and after a long 5 months of social-distancing and staying home other than for work, many are starting to look at venturing out again, including for vacations, staycations, and family visits.

Take Care continues to update our protocols to best keep each of our employees and clients safe and healthy as well as to comply with CDC and DOH of requirements. Please review the below updates and call HR or a Nursing Supervisor should you have any questions or concerns.

Facility COVID Testing Requirement: Proof of Testing Tips!

As many of you may have noticed, not all testing sites are providing proof of COVID testing which can create challenges when trying to enter a facility where showing proof of testing is a requirement. Here are some tips regarding how to get proof and what do with it once you have it:

Before you are tested, ask the site if they provide anything written or digital that shows your name, the name of the testing site, and the date and time of your test

  • Some sites very kindly do or could!
  • Some may say they only give a generic handout—as some of you may have experienced, this is not great proof to try to show a facility. So if this is all they offer or if they do not provide proof, ask them if you can take a picture of anything they are filling out that would show this information such as:
    • Paperwork they have to send with your testing sample
    • Digital information they are entering on their computer
    • The sample itself if it has your name and date printed on it or the bag

Once you have been tested:

  • Email to HR or drop off a copy of your proof at any office—make sure it does show all the right info so we can identify it as belonging to you.
  • Keep a copy or the picture on hand so you can show it right away at any facilities you provide care

Repeat above steps every two weeks as long as the testing requirement is in place for facilities

  • Remember: testing requirements are being closely monitored by the facilities, DOH, and Take Care so keeping your test up to date will help all of us succeed and ensure you are able to continue to provide the fantastic care that Take Care’s caregivers are known for in our community

Days Off Requests

Take Care understands that time off is still needed for a variety of reasons, including the ability to refresh and rejuvenate. With COVID still actively impacting our day to day lives, we have made some modifications to requests for days off to be aware of to help ensure that everyone stays safe.

  • Submit to HR via phone call, email, or Days Off Notification slip
  • Include any information regarding plans for travel or if you will have any visitors while off who are traveling to you
  • HR will inform Scheduling of your time off request and you will be marked off starting with your first day off requested until cleared by a Nursing Supervisor
  • Practice COVID safety protocols while off: wear a mask when in public, social distance, wash your hands frequently, and especially be careful if traveling or if you will be in traditionally crowded destinations
  • Call to a Nursing Supervisor no later than the day before your expected return to shift to be cleared to return to work
    • Scheduling will not be able to place back on shift for your expected return date until they are cleared to do so by a Nursing Supervisor

Conclusion: Take Care Caregivers are AMAZING!

We’ve said it throughout, and we continue to rave, each of you are truly HealthCare Heroes and we could not do what we do without you! We know that it takes more than ever before to provide care, and we are so humbled by your willingness to adjust to all of the new protocols and various requests that have been made to keep you, your coworkers, and the clients we are all here for safe while still providing the best care possible. From wearing a mask on shift to taking your temperature, from sanitizing what feels like everything to making testing every two weeks a part of your new normal, Take Care’s CGs have risen to the challenge and will continue to do so.

What Our Clients Have to Say

My wife had recent surgery and needed care around the clock. The support I received from the office nurse on care  placement was exceptional. The care provided 12 hours nightly by the nurse, Stacy, was superb. She was above and beyond professional. We could not have done it with out her. Thanks to all involved.

George, Spouse of Client