July 20, 2020: Important Reminder-Wearing a Mask on Shift

A few important reminders regarding wearing a mask and staying safe while on shift:

  • On Shift = Mask On
  • Before you enter the client’s residence or facility, Mask ON
  • If you are in the same room as the client and/or another person, Mask ON
  • Please Note: This cancels out the 6ft rule—meaning if you are in the same room, your mask should be on, not just if you are within 6 ft of the client or another person
  • Mask ON you and Mask ON Client when taking the client on an approved errand/appt
  • If you need to eat/drink, you may take the mask off—however:
    • Maintain appropriate distance, at least 6ft away from the client and others in the home with client in eye shot
  • Proper use of masks:
    • Avoid touching the surface and inside of the mask—remove/replace your mask at the edges or straps
    • Wash your hands every time you touch any part of your mask before touching anything else
    • Sanitize all surfaces you come into contact with
    • Surgical Masks=One time use*
      • *Under normal circumstances, should be one time use then discard, however if this is your only option, please ensure it stays in good working condition (good seal to face, no rips, tears, no exposure to moisture or bodily fluids, etc.) and that you store in a hot, dry place such as a paper bag in your car when not on shift
    • Cloth Masks=Reusable, however should be washed in hot, soapy water and dried on high heat daily


  1. What does “Mask On” mean? Answer: Mask On means the mask is fully covering both your nose and mouth, approximately from the bridge of the nose to over the chin, creating a seal all the way around the mask so air can only be filtered in/out through the mask
  2. If the client asks me not to wear a mask or gives me permission to remove my mask, am I allowed to take my mask off? Answer: No, the only times you may take your mask off is if you are in a different room than the client/other people, and even then it should ideally not be off for long. If your client directs you to remove your mask, please remind the client that the masks are in place for both their safety and yours. If needed, call into Nursing for further clarification or to allow them to speak with the client.
  3. My mask doesn’t fit right or is wearing out from frequent washing or I don’t have enough masks. Can I get another mask? Answer: Please call into any office to Nursing to discuss options for a replacement or additional mask right away.

Remember, your safety and the client’s safety is always at the forefront of all protocols Take Care puts into place during this time. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please don’t hesitate to call to a Nursing Supervisor or HR and we will be happy to assist.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I was a so nervous about both my parents but knowing they are not driving and that they have someone caring for them and managing their medications on a daily basis was a relief—not sure if I can even explain how much it means to me. I just started a new position in China and knowing my parents are safe is a blessing. You all have worked to establish a way to keep them safe in their transition of accepting care.

Paige, daughter of clients

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