June 10, 2020 – COVID-19 Testing Recommended

Hello –

Over the past few weeks, more and more facilities are now requiring that any person providing care to their residents be tested for COVID-19. Many of you have already been tested for a variety of reasons; and we would like to encourage all caregivers to get tested. Testing for healthcare workers is free and we have included a list of some testing sites that we are aware of for your convenience. Please ensure you call the number provided before going to any site listed as days/times are subject to change.

If you choose to get tested or have already been tested, we ask that you provide the following information to us by either calling Human Resources at (941) 927-2292 or emailing the information to !humanresources@takecarehomehealth.com.

  • Your name, name of the place you were tested at, and the date and time that the test was done.
  • A copy of any “proof of testing” provided by the testing site (you can add the above information to the form, take a picture and email it to us or drop the copy in any office’s night drop).
    • Many sites provide an informational handout which can be used as “proof of testing”
  • Reason for testing
    • Examples: Take Care’s suggestion, required by other employer, required by a Facility that you provide care for a Take Care client and name of Facility, personal choice, concerns regarding symptoms, exposure to someone with COVID, etc.

If you have received results from your test, please also let us know this and the date received, if possible.

Take Care continues to update protocols and practices based on guidance from the State and CDC as your safety continues to be a top priority.

What Our Clients Have to Say

My wife had recent surgery and needed care around the clock. The support I received from the office nurse on care  placement was exceptional. The care provided 12 hours nightly by the nurse, Stacy, was superb. She was above and beyond professional. We could not have done it with out her. Thanks to all involved.

George, Spouse of Client