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Paper ADL Guide

Take Care is pleased to announce the 2021 update of the paper ADL. This update allows for consistency of documentation across all of the platforms.

Follow the below link to download the guide to see the new paper ADL and directions on how to complete in an acceptable manner.

Paper ADL Guide

Reminder: all paper-based documents including Paper ADLs, timeslips, clinical notes, and mileage forms are due weekly at 10am on Mondays (or 9am on Mondays for holiday weeks).  We currently have 3 systems in order of priority:

At start of shift/visit:

  1. Primary—CrescendoConnect App
  2. Secondary—TrueTrak Telephony System
  3. Final—Paper ADL and timeslip (Only if unable to use the CrescendoConnect App and TrueTrak*)

*If unable to use the App or TrueTrak call the Nursing or Electronic Medical Records Department

Training: if you would like training or a refresher on the CrescendoConnect App or TrueTrak—Call (941) 927-2292 to get scheduled.

ADL Gold Standard: Every Client Every Shift

Each client should always have at least two Hands-on/Total Assist ADLs. Especially for our Insurance and Veterans Affairs clients.

Note: Please contact Nursing immediately if there are less than two hands on/total assist ADLs


Call (941) 927-2292

Office Hours are Monday through Friday 9am-5pm.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I don't know if you hear this often, but your work touches so many people in a ripple effect all over the world. I know because our family is so spread out and you touched us all. It's such a comfort to know that Mom and Dad's wish to be together and in an independent apartment was the right choice for them and for us. Again thank you for all that you did.

Lisa, daughter of clients

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