Our high expectations and elevated standards provide safeguards unlike any other agency.

Our employees are required to complete a comprehensive orientation program where our stringent care expectations and safety are reviewed in detail. We take pride in our employees' skill, expertise, and compassion.

Our Caregivers

Wonder why Take Care is so proud of our employees? Click on their pictures to read more about their history and connection to Take Care. We will rotate and continue to highlight select employees who consistently go above and beyond for Take Care clients.

Barbara, RN

Clinical Services Consultant

Alicia Uelmen, RN

Senior Clinical Services Supervisor


RN Geriatric Care Manager

Earl, LPN

EMR Supervisor and Medication Nurse

Sharon, HHA


Melanie, RN, BSN

Client Services Specialist

What Our Clients Have to Say

I thought I could handle my recovery on my own. However, having been under the care of an experienced nurse, I now realize the value of the one-on-one nurse.