Partnership to Teach Nursing Students the Meaning of “Clients First”

From the end of May until the beginning of July, Take Care proudly hosted three of Keiser University’s best and brightest from their third-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. Furthering their clinical studies in Community Perspective, these students shadowed Take Care’s Registered Nurse Clinical Supervisors of Take Care Home Health and Registered Nurse Geriatric Care Managers of Take Care Advisor as they each went about their day to day tasks, doing what Take Care does best: putting the client first. From individual homes to facilities, attending doctor’s appointments, providing care and advocacy in the hospital, and even working with Hospice, these students gained valuable exposure and insight into a field of nursing where there will always be a need.

When asked what they had learned from their experience, the students eagerly identified a few areas they hadn’t previously encountered in their nursing classes or Clinicals. With much of their experience coming from a hospital setting where care can feel like it is all about the “here and now,” Take Care brought home the reality of what happens after discharge; to the students, Take Care “is the future.” From the moment a client begins with Take Care Home Health or Take Care Advisor, Take Care gathers all of the details to best meet the client’s ongoing needs and keep all relevant parties informed, better enabling each to do their part.

The students additionally identified concepts they felt came alive to them through their time with Take Care. Advocacy was a field hitherto unfamiliar to the students, but as their rotation concluded with Take Care that keyword “advocacy” became one they now understood firsthand, holding firm the respect and admiration of Take Care for aligning its mission with that key element. They particularly noted how wonderful they thought it was that clients had someone to “back them up and mediate on their behalf.” With each exposure they had to the fields of care Take Care offers, the students connected that “One of the most important values we are being taught at Keiser University, is being exemplified at Take Care: Client First,” said one student of what they had observed. “This is what nursing is about.”

What Our Clients Have to Say

I was a so nervous about both my parents but knowing they are not driving and that they have someone caring for them and managing their medications on a daily basis was a relief—not sure if I can even explain how much it means to me. I just started a new position in China and knowing my parents are safe is a blessing. You all have worked to establish a way to keep them safe in their transition of accepting care.

Paige, daughter of clients

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