Take Care Caregivers Go Above & Beyond to Support Clients in 2020

Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Caregiver Fights through Hurricane (“Hell”) and High Water, Quite Literally!

We’ve all heard the phrase “come hell or high water” referenced when indicating that something will definitely be accomplished despite circumstances that might make it difficult. And if there’s one thing that has manifested itself consistently throughout 2020 it is the constant of extraordinary difficulties on many fronts. It has been a difficult year for clients, healthcare professionals, families, and perhaps almost every human being on the planet as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our world. But in Florida and on the Gulf Coast, we know the additional stress and difficulties presented when tropical weather threatens our region.

In November 2020, as Hurricane Eta impacted the Sarasota area, one Take Care caregiver literally fought through the hurricane and high water to be there for our client.

The storm had already poured inches of rain in our area during a regularly scheduled visit when it became obvious it was necessary for the client to seek emergency medical attention. The Take Care office registered nurse contacted 911 on behalf of the client who resides on a barrier island. Emergency personal was dispatched to the private residence in response to chest pains. When the emergency medical technicians confirmed it was important to transport the patient to the local hospital, the caregiver followed in their personal vehicle.

As the ambulance and caregiver neared Sarasota Memorial Hospital, the local roads were beginning to flood and the caregiver’s car became unable to continue to operate safely with the level of water on the roads. This committed member of the Take Care team immediately exited their vehicle and walked through the flooded street the final five blocks to reach Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s ER as the client arrived via ambulance. This caregiver stayed by our client’s side during the ER evaluation until the situation was resolved.

Luckily, this home health aid was at the right place at the right time.

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The Take Care team is here for our clients and ready to be there for you, through inclement weather, through pandemics, and whatever 2021 may throw at us next. Take Care Private Duty Home Health Care has been taking care of clients in the Sarasota area for 25 years and you can rest assure the community can count on us for decades to come.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Sue contacted and vetted more than 20 care providers for my very important client and quickly weeded out those that were not up to par with the high standards set by Take Care. My client was very appreciative of the referrals shared and was equally impressed with our close community contacts who were willing to help us help our clients. This is yet another example of why so many of us feel comfortable working with and sharing our clients with Sue Wise and her company, Take Care.

John, Client's Trust Officer

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