Women Startups: A Wise Move

As part of the special issue in this week’s Gulf Coast Business Review, eight women were featured in “Women Startups: No matter what their sex, age, or business, eight women prove entrepreneurs have a lot in common.” Courtney R. Wise, MSG, Take Care Advisor‘s executive director shared her story.

Photo by Mark Wemple.
Photo by Mark Wemple.

Read the excerpt here, with the full story found on the Gulf Coast Business Review‘s website.

A Wise Move

By: Mark Gordon | Deputy Managing Editor

Courtney Wise didn’t want to lean on her last name like a crutch when she launched a side business to a prominent home healthcare firm in 2008.

The appeal, though, was obvious: Wise’s mother, Sue Wise, founded Sarasota-based Take Care Home Health Care in 1995. Under Sue Wise’s leadership, the firm, which mostly provides private home healthcare services for seniors, has since grown from four employees to 600. It has more than $15 million a year in revenues, three offices and is now one of the largest home healthcare providers on the Gulf Coast.

Courtney Wise, on the other hand, formed Take Care Advisor.

That firm is a separate limited liability company from Take Care Home Health. It takes a technology-focused approach to managing a client’s overall health care. It doesn’t provide medical services, nor does it provide hands-on lifestyle care, but its mission is to make sure the client and his or her family is aware of the full medical picture.

So on a daily basis, Take Care Advisor‘s caseworkers will do anything from health insurance reviews to crisis intervention for clients. The caseworker is also the liaison between clients and their families.

The concept is somewhat novel, but necessary, says Wise, mostly because life expectancy has increased so much in the last few decades. “The demand will increase,” says Wise, “but the amount of people available to do these services will decrease.”

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I thought I could handle my recovery on my own. However, having been under the care of an experienced nurse, I now realize the value of the one-on-one nurse.