Take Care Advisor RN Geriatric Care Management

Our model exclusively utilizes Registered Nurses as geriatric care managers. Take Care Advisor's nurses have the medical background that equips them with the knowledge to holistically support, advise, and advocate for one’s health and well-being.

Emergency Support: MAP

At a Moment’s Notice: MAP™

Our Medical Advocate Program™ was developed for clients who are currently managing their own health care, yet want the assurance that a professional RN Geriatric Care Manager will be available at a moment’s notice.

An emergency can happen at any time, which is why our Care Managers are on call to provide support, guidance and advocacy via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MAP™ is designed to give clients and their families peace of mind that a knowledgeable, medical advocate is available to provide communication and planning with other medical teams. We also help to create and implement plans post-hospital discharge. Many clients choose this ongoing advisory relationship to ensure future needs and wishes are met by a team they already know and trust.

MAP™ is designed to give clients and their families the reassurance and peace of mind that in an emergency or crisis situation a knowledgeable, professional RN Geriatric Care Manager is just a phone call away.

A True Story

Linda, a Take Care Advisor client, who resides at a local continuing care retirement community, signed up for MAP. She’s 84-years-old and in great health—no recent medical issues. She lives independently and is very active physically and socially—she frequents the pool and tennis courts. After breakfast one morning, she was suddenly dizzy and tumbled into her coffee table, resulting in a fractured hip. The CCRC security officer called 911 after she engaged her emergency button, and immediately after the security officer placed a call to the RN Geriatric Care Manager on call.

Linda was transported by ambulance to the Sarasota Memorial Hospital ER and upon arrival was joined by the RN Geriatric Care Manager.  The RN Geriatric Care Manager provided Linda’s complete medical history, her list of current medications, and all other pertinent information to the ER medical team. Immediately, they could assess the next steps in providing Linda with the appropriate treatments. The RN Geriatric Care Manager simultaneously reached out to Linda’s designated family members, and brought them up to speed on her current well being.

The RN Geriatric Care Manager then worked with the hospital team to establish  the appropriate rehab facility and hands-on-care so that Linda could get through recovery as quickly as possible and back to her normal routine.

It can be an overwhelming experience to be in pain, ride in an ambulance alone, and attempt to advocate on your own behalf when confronted with myriad of questions from the ER staff and physicians. The RN Geriatric Care Manager eases that stress and burden and maps out the immediate short-term and long-term plan and goals, without overwhelming Linda.

Three months later, Linda is back in her independent apartment, with her friends and enjoying her routine. The RN Geriatric Care Manager attends Linda’s follow-up physician appointments with her, and continues to monitor the private duty home health care aide, who assists Linda with her morning showering routine as she continues to build back her strength and security.

This is one of our many stories that paints the picture of the importance of having an experienced, RN Geriatric Care Manager at the ready.


How can our RN Care Manager help?

Your health care is unique to you. Take Care Advisor's services help you and your family manage the complexities of your health care.

Advocate for You

Attend doctor appointments, oversee physician orders and instructions.

Monitor Your Living Situation

Assess your home based on care needs in terms of relocation.

Be on Call

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Coordinate Other Services

Assist with pairing and monitoring ancillary support services.

Keep Everyone Up to Date

Keep family members, medical providers, and designated others informed.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Your caregiver offers impeccable care and is unbelievably professional. My hats off to both she and your agency. I want to commend her and bring her the kudos she deserves, and offer credit where credit is due. She is an excellent representation of the quality care offered by Take Care.

Carla, Daughter of Client

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