Take Care Advisor RN Geriatric Care Management

Our model exclusively utilizes Registered Nurses as geriatric care managers. Take Care Advisor's nurses have the medical background that equips them with the knowledge to holistically support, advise, and advocate for one’s health and well-being.

Reclaiming Your Peace of Mind

Our Program

Take Care Advisor’s model exclusively utilizes Registered Nurses as their geriatric care managers. Our nurses all have more than 20 years experience. Combining experience and medical background, this equips them with the knowledge to ease the burden and stress one often experiences when coordinating among multiple health providers, hands-on-care, or a health crisis.

Our RN Geriatric Care Managers bridge the communication and coordination among all medical providers, such as a client’s cardiologist to their primary care physician. The RN Geriatric Care Manager keeps all physicians and health care providers updated on the client’s health and well being.

Family Communication

Perhaps you have multiple adult children, who each live in a different state, and you do not have any family local. Oftentimes there is a child who can express opinions that differs from that of another, or even your own. Our RN Geriatric Care Manager facilitates these sometimes difficult conversations. Above all, we work with you, the client, to determine your needs and wishes, and work with your loved ones to communicate the effective plans.




How can our RN Care Manager help?

Your health care is unique to you. Take Care Advisor's services help you and your family manage the complexities of your health care.

Advocate for You

Attend doctor appointments, oversee physician orders and instructions.

Monitor Your Living Situation

Assess your home based on care needs in terms of relocation.

Be on Call

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Coordinate Other Services

Assist with pairing and monitoring ancillary support services.

Keep Everyone Up to Date

Keep family members, medical providers, and designated others informed.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Your caregiver offers impeccable care and is unbelievably professional. My hats off to both she and your agency. I want to commend her and bring her the kudos she deserves, and offer credit where credit is due. She is an excellent representation of the quality care offered by Take Care.

Carla, Daughter of Client

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