RN Geriatric Care Manager

For more than 20 years, DaVonne Miller has been an integral part of Take Care. Prior to joining Take Care Advisor in 2008 as a Geriatric Care Manager, DaVonne worked for 13 years for Take Care Home Health Registered Nurse caregiver. This wealth of nursing experience and insight into the company has directly translated into allowing DaVonne to excel in her role. DaVonne provides superior health care management, advisory, and advocacy services to clients of Take Care Advisor. She serves as a single point of contact for clients, families, financial and trust advisors, and health care providers (Medicare, physicians, caregivers, just to name a few) to convey objective information and coordination of health care among multiple providers. She improves communication between each, thus fostering client’s greater well-being, independence and peace of mind.

Furthermore, DaVonne provides a wealth of knowledge in regards to the local health care system and is adept at facilitating health care coordination. She is skilled in assessing client needs and is able to tailor her assistance to each through the identification of resources and solutions that best match the client’s individual situation. Her compassion and relatability enable DaVonne to provide supportive leadership to guide, not dictate, the client’s decision-making as well as mediation and conflict resolution, which can happen especially during a crisis among family members. She provides a strong working relationship with each client through a thorough understanding of the client, as an individual and establishes credible and trusted relationships with the clients, family members, other designees, and health care providers. Through Take Care Advisor, clients who work with DaVonne, as well as the other members of the Take Care Advisor nurses, are enabled to make informed decisions regarding their total health care.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I thought I could handle my recovery on my own. However, having been under the care of an experienced nurse, I now realize the value of the one-on-one nurse.


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