Earl, LPN

EMR Supervisor and Medication Nurse

Earl is a Licensed Practical Nurse who is part of the support team for the RN Clinical Supervisors in the Take Care office. What makes Earl so uniquely effective within his role is his past experience as a caregiver for Take Care himself. Earl started with Take Care as a Home Health Aide just prior to receiving his LPN certification. Earl developed his skill in a hands-on environment and transitioned his knowledge of the field to the office. He applies this to each interaction with both clients and caregivers, displaying the same respect and trusting rapport that he once received as a caregiver himself.

Earl acts a liaison for Take Care between clients and caregivers. In his role, Earl works closely with clients and caregivers when they call into the company—whether it’s a question on their schedule or providing a caregiver with a full nursing report on the client. Earl represents Take Care for a variety of client calls such as schedule changes, staffing requests, and updates to client’s care needs. For clients, Earl is a compassionate and competent voice of Take Care, listening to their needs—both expressed and implied—and working diligently to meet them.

Earl then conveys requests to the Scheduling Department or caregivers as appropriate. In his role, Earl works closely with these individuals to ensure that the optimum care is being provided to meet the unique needs of each client. Earl assists the RN Clinical Supervisors with oversight of Take Care’s caregivers through means of field reports and liaising communication from the clients and to Take Care’s caregivers. When a caregiver calls in to Take Care, Earl provides them with up to date information regarding how to best care for their specific client. He is also a resource to the caregivers for questions and training.

Take Care has fostered within Earl a desire to continue to provide a “human touch” in addition to the clinical effectiveness of health care and each client and caregiver who interacts with him through Take Care experiences this.

What Our Clients Have to Say

My wife had recent surgery and needed care around the clock. The support I received from the office nurse on care  placement was exceptional. The care provided 12 hours nightly by the nurse, Stacy, was superb. She was above and beyond professional. We could not have done it with out her. Thanks to all involved.

George, Spouse of Client