Caring for the clients of Take Care is not merely a job to Kim, a Registered Nurse in the field for Take Care, it is an opportunity to make a difference in each client’s life. Upon joining Take Care in 2008, Kim has exemplified this to Take Care’s clients and to her peers each and every day. Kim credits Take Care for this through Take Care’s ability to match her to clients consistently, allowing her to utilize her skills and training in the day to day skilled needs of her clients.

Through each client Kim cares for, a lasting connection is created, allowing Kim to learn more about her clients and how best to meet their needs. In addition, Kim feels she learns from each client, both as a person and as a skilled nurse. She states that her clients have allowed her to see the beauty of age and experience and her skills are allowed to flourish through each one.

Kim’s work and work ethic are consistent and she embodies the Take Care spirit. The level of care and concern she presents for each client is genuine. True to Take Care’s Mission Statement, Kim is passionate about ensuring that each client she cares for receives the highest quality of care. Kim regularly seeks to improve herself through research of new innovations and techniques in nursing, further enhancing her attention to detail. This diligence is evident in her care for clients and has even proven to be lifesaving.

During a visit with a new client to set up her medications, the client mentioned she was having minor pain. Kim performed a thorough skilled nursing assessment of the client, and since she never misses a beat, Kim followed her instincts and continued in her discovery and was able to identify a serious threat to the client’s health. As a result to Kim’s timely and thorough assessment, the client was able to seek immediate medical treatment, which saved her life.

It is through her dedication to her work and her commitment to learn from each client and experience that allows Kim to do what she does best at Take Care: provide the best care to meet the need of each client.

What Our Clients Have to Say

My wife had recent surgery and needed care around the clock. The support I received from the office nurse on care  placement was exceptional. The care provided 12 hours nightly by the nurse, Stacy, was superb. She was above and beyond professional. We could not have done it with out her. Thanks to all involved.

George, Spouse of Client