Sharon, HHA


When Sharon first moved into the Sarasota area more than 7 years ago, a family member, who worked at Take Care Home Health at the time, recommended only one place for her to seek employment: Take Care. Having previously cared for a member of her family, Sharon had a strong compassion for those in need of care and desired to learn more about how develop caregiving as her career.

Take Care’s impeccable reputation and the respect it garners from its clients, employees, and within the community appealed deeply to Sharon, making the choice to work for Take Care an easy one. Since joining Take Care as an HHA, Sharon has enjoyed tremendous growth as a caregiver and has in turn seen her skills and genuine care for clients make a lasting difference in their lives.

A large part of Sharon’s success as a caregiver has been her willingness to pursue learning opportunities. When Take Care offers classes and training, Sharon is quick to participate. Sharon states that being a caregiver to her means caring and having a true desire to help others. Her pursuit of the skills to do this effectively, balanced with Sharon’s own natural compassion and affection for her clients, have ensured that she is living out this definition.

Neighbors of clients continuously call into Take Care to compliment Sharon on her genuine care and concern for clients.

Furthermore, Sharon credits her experience with a variety of clients as part of her success. Through each client she cares for, Sharon has become adept at “reading between the lines.” She has an intuitive ability to see the heart of what a client truly needs—beyond just what is stated. Sharon is passionate about connecting with her clients and as word of the wonderful care she provides is passed on from the clients to the leadership at Take Care, it is clear that Sharon is certainly a contributor to Take Care’s solid reputation.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Your caregiver offers impeccable care and is unbelievably professional. My hats off to both she and your agency. I want to commend her and bring her the kudos she deserves, and offer credit where credit is due. She is an excellent representation of the quality care offered by Take Care.

Carla, Daughter of Client

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